We would like to introduce you into the extraordinary world of rose cultivation in the Netherlands. Every day we aim for an optimal combination of nature and modern technology while respecting the environment. Based on that we grow our beautiful roses, creating an original smell and a beautiful growth experience which we love to share with you and the rest of the world.


Geert & Erwin van den Berg

About us

As a supplier we have close contact with our clients. Forward sales, service and customization are highly important to us and we ensure the quality, continuity and optimum availability to everyone at all main locations of FloraHolland.

Our Mission: Growing special and high quality roses with big flower buds in the Netherlands creating an experience of shape and smell for customer and florist.

With an eye for perfect quality and innovation we currently grow two kinds of roses. The queen of orange roses Rosa Naranga® and the exclusive and extremely big Rosa Bubblegum!®.

“Growing roses is a special craft.
Our passion for it is still growing each day.”

Rosa Naranga®

(Floricode/VBN 14651)

For years the Rosa Naranga has been the Queen of big orange flower roses. Her beautiful orange color is unique and a special royal accent for the Netherlands. With a big flower bud and her traditional shape the Rosa Naranga is a particular beautiful rose for events, bouquets and all other occasions.

Available in lengths 40cm up to 80 cm.


(Floricode/VBN 116830)

The award winning novelty and highly appreciated Dutch flower of 2016. Her beautiful shape and pink shades are truly outstanding. Renewed and unique in every way this special flower with large bud stands out in the world of roses. Exclusively prepacked for the florist the Bubblegum is a special gift for every customer.

Available in lengths 40cm up to 80 cm.

Contact details

Rodenrijs BV h/o Lubeco
GAM van den Berg
Tuinweg 2
2661 DW Bergschenhoek
The Netherlands

Email: info@gberg.nl
Mobile: +31(0)6 51260963
Sales: +31(0)611362967

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